“Little prince” set

“Little prince” set

This set features royal attitude, but at the same time modesty with its moderation and elegance, and will fit supremely well the crib of your son. Bumper made of 100 % blue silk can be used even after you remove the side fence from the crib, as it consists of 2 parts and the unnecessary part can be removed easily.


Decorative bedskirt has beige velvet finishing and is pleated all around the perimeter, which allows the luxurious silk play at light, showing all the beauty of the fabric. We can also offer the underskirt made of veiling to give an extra volume.

This royal set also includes three throw pillows and a bedcover padded with the most delicate woollen cloth.

You can order other color combinations of this set, as well as curtains and accessories suitable for creating a royal luxury in the nurcery. Please don't hesitate to contact our design department or call +7-495-210-25-29.

As the articles are made from 100% silk, for ensuring a long-time use, only dry cleaning is recommended!

Throw pillows serve the purpose of decoration only! While the baby is sleeping in the crib, we recommend removing the pillows.

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