About us

Where to get a baby bed bumper? And what is more – to make it ideally match the interior of the room! And the decision came by itself: "We shall sew it!"

As the date of birth of your long-awaited miracle approaches, many of you face the problem of designing a nurcery. The first natural desire of any parent is to surround their child with all the best, to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere... and as it often happens, putting all things together is not so easy.

We have experienced this first-hand! While arranging the room for our second baby, we could not achieve the desired result! The bumpers, which we liked, did not fit the size of the crib, there were no throw pillows, we could not find a mattress topper for a changing table of the right color and size either — everything somehow did not fit together to get the overall concept!

The solution came by itself - why not try to make it ourselves!? After spending a lot of time in different stores, we were able to select the most beautiful, stylish, natural and of course high quality fabrics. The result exceeded all our expectations — the room changed dramatically!

While enjoying the results of our work, we suddenly came to an idea — why not select fabrics, sew bumpers, bed coverings, pillows, suitable bed linen, decorative baby bedskirt-so we could save other parents from these puzzles and please them with highest quality and perfect view! Also recommend lighting, furniture, and maybe even help to fully arrange a child's room!

This desire encouraged us to start our work and establish a company «A&A baby glam», the products of which we are proud to present!